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The reason why Topband smart lighting system could boost your business

Date:2022-06-01    Author:Topband

When it comes to business fuel, only a few people would take lighting into consideration. Actually, the electricity bill is not a small proportion for a company’s cost. Here is some knowledgement of Topband lighting that may boost your business.

Say goodbye to a single manual-control lamp, which consumes much labor operation cost, especially the lighting area is rather wide, such as hospital and school. Topband provides a one-stop smart commercial lighting solution, named T-Smart Light, listed NLC5.0, making lighting control easy and intelligent. T-Smart Light combined with advanced Bluetooth mesh protocol, enables you to control the entire group of luminaires with your mobile phone or smart wall panel switch. It also allows different lighting scenes mode, daylight harvesting, occupancy or vacancy sensing, and real-time energy monitoring. In the wireless technology era, smart lighting is the basic infrastructure of a modern, digital building.

This versatile, economical and excellent lighting control system could be fully tailored or purchased as a general version. It will greatly boost your business by maximizing eyes comfort, increasing working productivity and improving staff well-being as well as providing significant energy savings.


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