智能 RGBCW 灯带,色彩色温可调。



Intelligent lighting creates a colorful life

While meeting the basic lighting function requirements, we also have more exciting functions: the light color is free to replace, regular switching, and custom scenario mode. Powerful smart product ecology, full -house intelligent system customization services. Open smart product access, let your smart products link up and use your imagination.

Four dimensional interaction to create new smart families

Smart panel visualization+ high -efficiency voice dialogue+ convenient fingertips can touch+ remote APP communication, four -dimensional three -dimensional interaction methods, create new smart families, set up multiple scenarios in groups, automatically synchronize the cloud, support multi -user operation, meet multi -space, meet multi -space Family needs for different life scenarios.

Smart Technology One pair of certain system schemes

At the same time as the intelligent lighting solution meets the basic lighting function, it also has a powerful product ecology of a powerful intelligent control system, covering a variety of lighting application environments, and customizing the lighting around you as you like.

Cloud service IoT platform encryption protection

High -quality R & D team, a number of patents in the professional field, build a software platform with independent intellectual property rights, and have online attack protection and virus investigation and killing capabilities. The world's leading embedded wireless security connection technology is adopted, and the encryption algorithm is applied to effectively prevent illegal devices from counterfeiting and user data leakage. Leading and reliable, the Internet of Things is safe.


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