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1. May I purchase your product as an individual end-user from Topband?

Topband as a manufacturer provides ODM and OEM service, does not sell directly to end-users.

2. Where can I find spec sheets for a targeted product?

All spec sheets are available at on the Download Center under the Resource. If you are unable to find a spec, please contact for assistance.

3. How could I know the delivery, price and product certification?

Contact , our professional team would give your the answers of above question.

4. Will your lamp or fixture work for my application?

All product parameters are displayed clearly on the Product page, you can judge the viability by products info, you could also download the product specification on the Download Center under the Resource to know the recommended application places.

5. What is the benefit of wireless control technology compared to traditional controls such as DALI, 1-10V, …

Ease of installation.
No control cables required.
No need for extra controls equipment.
Save more energy via occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, time scheduling and continous dimming.

6. What are the target applications for commercial lighting system?

The main target applications are healthcare, education, office, commercial building etc.

7. Is the commercial lighting system future proof?

Yes. The system provides over the air updates.

8. Are there limitations on luminaire quantities for T-Smart Light?

There are limitations on luminaires per network, up to 250pcs per network. But there can be as many networks as needed made.

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